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    For evil to triumph, it only needs that the good do nothing.

    If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem.

    If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything.

    The question is not whether we will be extremists, but what kind of extremists we will be. The nation and the world are in dire need of creative extremists.

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An Anonymous Tip

Toward the end of last year, after posting up some thoughts and research about the Occupy phenomena (The Occupy Together Movement- Collective Actions and the Need for Individual Thought), I was criticised and accused of, among other things, trying to undermine the movement. My intention with that and other related postings on this blog and elsewhere was to raise awareness about the possibility of the movement being steered and infiltrated by parties with a vested interest. In them I outlined my thoughts and provided links to other data sources that document counter-revolutionary strategies used by various organisations (such as Common Purpose) and agencies, including the  ‘alphabet’ agencies (CIA/FBI/MI5/6, etc),  historically and currently.

The majority reaction was negative, so I turned to providing data that awake individuals could use to detect group manipulation (Essential Information for Members of the Occupy Movement). Still, the data didn’t penetrate the herd’s groupthink blind spot.

For a larger view, click on the image

It got to a point where I’d cringe every time I saw a V mask or heard that “Anonymous” had made a statement or taken some action.

It’s said that a picture can speak a thousand words, so here I attempted to insert a streamed video which has saved me much time and wasted breath. Unfortunately, the action couldn’t be completed for a reason I’ve yet to discover. Some kind of censoring wouldn’t be a surprise given the subject matter and given the current climate of Google, YouTube’s owners limiting public access to data at the request of various governments (the topic of a future post).  Anyway, Violent Undercover Agents REVISED… Nov9 Student Protests!!! focuses on a team of plainclothes police snatch squad/provocateurs. The video is revealing enough on that subject and worth watching, (and showing to your skeptical ‘the-police-are-good-people-doing-a-difficult-job-as-best-as-they-can’ friends or relatives!) The reason I’ve included it here is for what’s revealed when, toward the end of the video, the police van side door is opened. It has been pointed out that the item revealed could have been confiscated from a protester, and I agree that is possible. Also possible is that it’s a police provocateur prop.

The dictionary definition of Anonymous is (adj) – not identified; of unknown name. Because of recent media use of the word, especially in conjunction with the Wikileaks circus, (“In an unprecedented collaboration between Anonymous and WikiLeaks…”, “A member of the Anonymous group of hackers…”), too many people now associate an individual activist or activist group with the term. In reality, Anonymous refers to anyone acting covertly.

Enough said…hopefully.

PS. I’ve just discovered the excellent Signs of the Times editorial The New COINTELPRO: Cyberwarfare ‘hacktivists’ and the Subversion of Anonymous and recommend a read.

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