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    For evil to triumph, it only needs that the good do nothing.

    If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem.

    If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything.

    The question is not whether we will be extremists, but what kind of extremists we will be. The nation and the world are in dire need of creative extremists.

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Tech Tools for Activists

Recent days have revealed the shocking lack of security awareness of some politically active groups and individuals. As a result under development is a new Centre of the Psyclone blog page that will feature posts containing the kind of information needed to redress this risky…no, this potentially dangerous situation.

Advice and information will include the practical and the conceptual and will be drawn from a variety of sources that have proved themselves and their material ‘in the field’ so to speak.

Those concerned with their own and/or their group’s security, meatspace and/or cyberspace, would do well to check back soonish. In the meantime (and times are getting meaner) there are already posts on this blog related to security. As mentioned in them, some of the information is relatively dated although still very relevant and still valuable.

Here then is an addition to the material in those posts, a more up to date handbook produced by the folks at the HacktionLab. (An update is currently under production and expected in the spring.)

From the introduction to Tech Tools for Activists:

Effective political organising has always required good communication. Over the last two decades the information revolution has changed the way political activists communicate to an extent that was previously unimaginable. Alongside the new opportunities this has created, there also remains the age-old problem of how to get information to your political allies while maintaining confidentiality.

Communicating securely is everyone’s business. Even if your activism is super-fluffy, you can help make the internet safer for everyone by adopting good security practices. If only the people doing spiky things used these practices, they would attract attention just by doing so. Get into the habit of doing things securely before you really need to and you will be a thorn in the side of the surveillance state.

The aim of this short booklet is to provide a cursory introduction to the effective use of technology for activism. It is not a step-by-step guide. It does not aim to explore all the possible options for you, but rather sets out simple ideas about good practice and how activists around the world can use and are using these techniques to their advantage.

Personally, I put the played down note down to modesty. The ‘cursory introduction’ is actually brilliant, and essential reading for anyone serious about the subject who hasn’t already got their act together.

The 32-page booklet can be downloaded, free, from here.


Psyclone – New Ebook Edition

The new edition of Psyclone is out now. To facilitate deeper reader interactivity, this edition includes footnote numbers throughout the body text that actively link to the relevant entry in the appendix. This allows readers to move smoothly between the two and fully take advantage of the reference resource potential of the book, as was originally intended.

The appendix of Psyclone, referred to by the author as ‘the most important part of the book’, comprises over 200 entries that provide background information to that revealed throughout the story. Each entry features a hyperlink to external research sources where readers will find a variety of sources of scientific research and information in those areas, some of them studies spanning decades.

The following is extracted from the introduction to the appendix:

The main purpose of Psyclone is to inform, not entertain. The sole reason for writing Psyclone was to connect people with data expanded on in this section. Woven within the narrative is a blueprint with the potential to transform our world, literally. Every piece of information and fact conveyed through internal and external dialogue in the novel with one exception is based on facts and information expanded on and linked to in this section.

There is too much data involved and available concerning the things in the novel to include in it, hence this appendix. The following pages contain and link to more information than could be contained in fifty books. I consider this to be the most important section in the book. This is the access point for information that the powers-that-be would rather was kept away from people. Taking in and acting on this information can free you from the control of energy and drug companies, politicians, and religions.

I apologise if the length of this appendix seems daunting. The number of entries is not gratuitous, and presents just a fraction of the information available. They have been condensed from at least three times their number to include the most balanced and informative on the subjects covered. Their breadth demonstrates the wholesale suppression of information, censoring, by those who control society. This is information you won’t find in the mainstream.

Knowledge is power. The simplicity of the statement conceals its implications. Basically, the more you know, the bigger your advantage; the less you know, the bigger your disadvantage. For that reason restriction and suppression of information is a very basic social control technique. Very basic and very easy given that control of the media has been consolidated into such few hands. Failing to consider the aims and effects of the overall media output, as well as its detail, is dangerously naïve. Even a cursory glance at facts reveals mainstream media’s worrying links, policies and agendas. Whatever you see on television, hear on the radio, or read in the newspapers has been, at the very least, allowed. More often than not though, it has been meticulously designed using principles of behavioural psychology and linguistics toward very specific aims. Put another way, if your channels of information are confined to those listed above, then your awareness, your reality, is being manipulated and compromised.

Discovering and developing our potential is the solution. You are so much more powerful than you know, politically and ‘spiritually’. Reclaiming and developing that power can create new worlds, literally. Which may sound ‘New Agey’, but is actually scientific fact. With that in mind some of the entries connect you with the leading edge work of some of the most advanced minds in the fields of science and human potential.

History does repeat itself; a statement can be looked on fatalistically or as a source of inspiration. Empires come and go. Aside from their moral bankruptcy, it’s been the combined actions of little people that have brought them crashing down, like termites undermining the foundations of a building.

More creatively than that though, I’m counting on a high-frequency minority catalysing a quantum jump throughout the rest; a jump out of the swamp of obsolete thought and action into a future more amazing than anything yet experienced.


The new edition can be downloaded, free for a limited period, in a variety of eformats from here.

The War Prayer

Written by Mark Twain around 1904-05, the short story The War Prayer wasn’t published until 1916, six years after his death. Faced with opposition from family and friends who feared it might be taken as sacrilegious and unpatriotic, Twain himself refused to publish it saying, “No, I have told the whole truth in that, and only dead men can tell the truth in this world. It can be published after I am dead.”

In April 2007, journalist and Washington Monthly president Markos Kounalakis directed and produced an animated short film based on Twain’s piece, also entitled “The War Prayer.” Narrated by Peter Coyote, it features Lawrence Ferlinghetti as the Minister, and Eric Bauersfeld as the Stranger.



Download a PDF of The War Prayer

A Seasonal Short Story

Tis the season, as they say.

Here to mark the season is a modern-day adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen’s The Little Match Girl.

It’s available in two formats, pdf and epub (suitable for most ereaders and ereader phone apps), which can both be downloaded from here.

A Book to Change the World

Psyclone is a story, ‘an amazing story’, of what’s going on in the world and what we, every one of us, can do to make it better.

Classified as Contemporary Fiction,  every piece of information and fact conveyed through internal and external dialogue in the novel with one exception is based on facts and information expanded on and linked to in an 86-page appendix. Within the appendix you will find a ream of suppressed and censored information that could change your life and change the world.

We are in a special, privileged, “information rich” position with access to more information via the Internet than it’s possible to read or digest in a single human lifetime. There is no reason why we can’t understand who we truly are and where we are going. There is no reason why the average individual can’t be fully empowered. We can accelerate the transition of our species out of the “era of slavery” into the era of physical and spiritual freedom if we study, analyse, question and act on the information in Psyclone.

This kind of  information needs to be shared between as many people as possible.

For that reason, as well as being available in hardcopy online through the Centre of the Psyclone website and everywhere else books are sold, it can also be freely downloaded in a variety of eformats (epub, mobi, pdf) from the Centre of the Psyclone and multiple online sources.