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Immunity from the Law

If there are any readers who need convincing that the answer to the global problem of war and armed conflict isn’t to be found in governments or international organisations such as the United Nations should consider the following.

A week ago European diplomats welcomed the UN Security Council’s unanimously approved decision to exempt US ‘peacekeepers’ from prosecution by the new war crimes tribunal for the next 12 months.

I’ll presume that all reading this are perceptive enough to question the term ‘peacekeeper’ without further discussion. For those that are aren’t, a question: There are two armed groups fighting using modern weaponry manufactured by the same companies and sold by the same arms dealers, how do you know which militia man is a ‘peacekeeper’ and which is a soldier? Answer: by which news media you watch.

The move appears to have centred on long-standing US hostility to the ICC, and the Bush Administration’s concerns that it could be used to prosecute US soldiers and officials over war crimes.

In 1998, 120 nations voted to establish a new institution for bringing the world’s worst human rights criminals to justice. The institution, the International Criminal Court (ICC), would be under the auspices of the United Nations and housed with the International Court of justice at the Hague. The Secretary General of the United Nations, Kofi Annan, stated, “In the prospect of an international criminal court lies the promise of universal justice.” The ICC would be a permanent institution to prosecute “those responsible for future genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes.”

Over the years, the United Nations has played a significant role in setting the agenda of international human rights. The Nuremberg Tribunals of 1945 set down the principle that there were such things as crimes against humanity, systematic crimes against civilians that can occur inside a country but that might be tried anywhere else. In 1948, the United Nations adopted the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide to give meaning to this principle. In 1951, the Convention came into effect. Prosecuting the violators was left up to the signatory countries to arrange.

A particularly bizarre feature of this case, is that there is no indication any US citizen is involved at all in the Libyan massacres, and the US had at first demanded permanent immunity for its peacekeepers, and apparently threatened to kill the entire resolution if the immunity clause wasn’t inserted.

Amazing hypocrisy.  Breathtaking.  So, the mask now falls at last.  The United States, the UN security council, Israel, Britain and France, and NATO will all demonstrate an amazing use of force, claiming to be helping the rebels, when in fact they are really trying to crush the rebels, cut off their arms supply, create a corridor that allows Israeli-funded mercenaries to resupply Gaddafi, and then grant immunity to those Israeli-funded mercenaries as they commit their war crimes.  While the US looks on with its military obediently monitoring the situation.

Remember the “Oil for Food” Scandal?

The last time the US military was used in a no-fly zone and embargo to “cripple” a strong man was when the United Nations and NATO engaged in the now-scandalous Oil-for-Food Embargo.  Remember?  Where the US starved the majority of the Iraqi population and helped Saddam get fat and happy?

Remember when Poppy Bush encouraged the heroes of Iraq to rise up and resist Saddam Hussein?  They did so.  And then the US stood down and allowed Saddam to  crush those people.

Why?  Perhaps because the United States needed those true patriots out of the way.  The US knew it would one day eliminate Saddam and replace him with a more pliable puppet.  But it needed the patriots of Iraq to be crushed first.  For they would never be pliable puppets.

So too here in Libya, perhaps.  The United States wants Gaddafi gone – eventually.  To be replaced with a more pliable puppet.  But the US doesn’t want the leaders and heroes of this uprising in Libya to be successful either.  The US needs those intelligentsia of the nation, the politicians, military leaders, and true patriots of Libya to be crushed first.

And that is where the Israeli-funded African Mercenaries come into play.  To crush those rebels.  And then the US will provide diplomatic cover in the Security Council with its Veto and with this new immunity from war crimes resolution.  Then, with the rebels sufficiently crushed, the US will be able to move in with its own pliable set of puppets, culled from the remainder of the Libyan populace that wasn’t stalwart or brave enough to rise up, but instead stood on the sidelines.  From the ranks of them will bribes and blackmail and coercion by the US and NATO be drawn the future puppets of an oil-rich North African nation.

Keep your eyes on the ball.  This is the game they are playing.  Why else are the mainstream outlets (and many so-called “progressive” blogs) hiding this story?  This is the game. Obama thinks he can fool the Western populations by using military force in the region under the guise of “averting a humanitarian disaster” but in reality, he is using that military force to quietly allow the suppression of the rebels.  Israeli-funded African Mercenaries will do the killing and suppression.  The US military will simply make sure that all arms to the rebels will be cut off.  The US will suffocate and strangle the rebellion, while Israel finances and directs the murder of the rebellion.  The US will claim it is really cutting off Gaddafi…

But that can’t be possible when the United States’ own “ally of allies”, Israel, is directly violating the arms embargo.  When the military that is creating the embargo allows one side to violate the embargo, while the other side is not allowed to, then it is clear which side that military is on.

If the United States allows Israeli-funded African mercenaries to arm and supply and support Gaddafi, and simultaneously interdicts arms shipments to the Rebels, then the world will know, should know, must know that the US destroyed the Rebels.  Not the other way around.  This is the great game.  To convince the sheeple of the West that black is white, day is night, and up is down, and wrong is right.

Now that the clause is in place and publicised, it will be interesting to see how the mercenaries react in their violent crackdowns, knowing that the US has their back with blanket immunity for whatever crimes they commit.

Looking to the likes of the United Nations to protect the innocent is also a waste of time. A blatant and symbolic move by the UN in January 2003, made obvious the fact that the United Nations is at best a toothless dog, all bark and no bite.

On the second floor of the United Nations building in Manhattan, just outside the Security Council entrance, hangs a seminal piece of 20th-century artwork that offers a graphic and chilling reminder of the horrors of war, Guernica by Picasso. When U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell met with the UN Security Council to deliver a speech about why the U.S. had to go to war with Iraq, the painting, which depicts the horrors of war visited on the people of Guernica was covered with a drape after it was decided that the antiwar images weren’t a fitting backdrop for talk of a new war.

Guernica, a small village in northern Spain, is the cultural capital of the Basque people. In 1937 Hitler agreed to help Franco smash the Basque resistance to Franco’s Nationalists and ordered an all-out air attack. For over three hours, twenty-five or more of Germany’s best-equipped bombers, accompanied by at least twenty more Messerschmitt and Fiat Fighters, dumped one hundred thousand pounds of high-explosive and incendiary bombs on the village, slowly and systematically pounding it to rubble. Those trying to escape were cut down by the strafing machine guns of fighter planes. Seventy percent of the town was destroyed. Sixteen hundred civilians – one third of the population – were killed or wounded. Guernica served as the testing ground for a new Nazi military tactic – blanket-bombing a civilian population to demoralise the enemy.

It was the kind of atrocity the United Nations was created to stop.

Despite Powell failing to sway Security Council members (and despite no Weapons of Mass Destruction being found by weapons inspectors) the U.S. invaded Iraq. Considering the subject of Picasso’s painting and the images it conveys, it’s a dark irony that the Shock and Awe bombing of Bagdhad was a start-of-the-art version of that old Nazi military tactic – carpet-bombing a civilian population to demoralise the enemy.

U.S. military action in Afghanistan and Iraq (to name just two countries) supported by other NATO forces, breaks a long list of international laws, protocols and conventions, which clearly identify those involved as war criminals. Israel follows suit with its own Crimes Against Peace, War Crimes, and Crimes against Humanity. Despite this all what do we hear from the United Nations? It doesn’t even bark anymore.Like a parent cowed by a childs bullying it declares, “Alright, you can go off an commit war crimes with no fear of judicial reprisal, but only for a year, but you’ll have a whole new battle to fight when you want to renew the immunity next July.”

As I’ve said before, there is no justice, just us.


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